Picture of MeHello, my name is Mike Starcher and I live in Louisville, Kentucky.  I am retired after 38 years working in electronics and radio communications.  

I started this website as a means of sharing my hobby of building radios and other electronic equipment using old parts, materials and practices that are now obsolete. 

I have been interested in radio and electronics since I was very young.  (Read  When I Was a Kid  for a humorous recollection of the earlier years.)  I always loved to build things with the parts I was continually collecting.

In recent years, I have enjoyed building projects more than ever.  I credit this mostly to the great people I have met after joining the Louisville Electronic Homebrewers Club.  During this time, I have seen some really nice projects that were built by people like myself who appreciate the look and operation of these old styles of construction.  Hopefully, this site will provide a means of sharing this passion.

Mike, KB4YJ

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